We are passionate about creating immersive exhibitions and we’re always looking for innovative ways to engage the audience.

If someone has found a great solution or a new approach then we feel it’s important to highlight the creators behind it. This is why we became a supporter of the Museums Association Annual Award Ceremonies with our own Special Prize.


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Best Audience Engagement 2022

Went to Uldis Jaunzems-Pētersons for the exhibition "Elusive" - a brilliantly creative, interactive and bold approach, that creates an experience that is partly an exhibition, but also acts as a game or a brain teaser.

Talsi County Museum



Best Audience Engagement 2021

Went to curators Anna Pūtele and Laura Dravniece for their work on the exhibition “Shall we play?" in ENG or “Rotaļāsimies?” in LV. The focus was on the child as a museum visitor.

Latvian National Museum of Art


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