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I get energized from innovation, creation of stories and technological advancement. With a lot of experience in multimedia and design of attractions and museums, the ideas are never ending.

Andrus Kõresaar


+372 5646 1700


I am driven by making our visitors feel welcome and putting them in a good mood. Our projects differ a lot and it takes great planning to bring together the thousands of details that each project consists of.

Ott Sarapuu

Partner / CEO

+372 5690 9645


Winning tenders and competitions brings on a great sense of happiness and satisfaction for me. I appreciate the chance to create new experiences from zero. I get to have a say in which projects we take on and execute them as well.

Ott Roots

Partner / Project Manager

+372 508 2663


If something sparks my interest, I dive in whole-heartedly. Communication, challenges, and stepping out of my comfort zone is what makes me strive.

Liis Lehesalu

COO / Head of Sales and Marketing

+372 5691 3144


The field in which Motor operates advances in light speed and the competition is strong. This means, that every project needs to be innovative, which in turn means no boring days when working here.

Liisa Liksor

Project Manager

+372 5345 7979


All skills can be learned, but you have to have the right attitude to do it - Let's make it happen is the attitude in Motor.

Kaspar Kaljas

Project Manager

+372 5566 4877


The diversity of topics and the depth of them is what motivates me. Within a single day you can work out lighting solutions and then spend hours getting familiar with marsh hens. There are no boring days.

Sandra Aleksius

Project Manager

+372 5667 8345


Motor creates projects that vary from more artistic to more technical. I love the challenges of finding the most innovative solutions to make even the craziest ideas a reality.

Maarja Tõnisson

Project Manager

+372 5341 0710


I love the unexpected tasks that working at Motor brings. Solutions are always somewhere to be discovered, sometimes you just have to look for them in surprising places.

Madis Aija

Construction Project Manager

+372 521 8270


In design there is always a way to go simpler and say more with less. I enjoy creating something universally comprehensible yet unobtrusive – a visual language that speaks to every observer.

Erik Heinpalu

Graphic Designer


Each of our projects is unique and challenging. I believe in the principle that form follows function and that good design precedes content and follows concept. And eventually – the magic is in the details.

Gertu Kallas

Graphic Designer


I love the nature of our work - museums and exhibitions. In order to be successful as a graphic designer you ought to be proactive, curious and constantly seeking new knowledge.

Aulis Puri

Graphic Designer


All projects in Motor are unique and require creative solutions. This helps to avoid my job becoming routine.

Ahti Petrovits

Development and Project Manager


I’ve always been taking apart and reassembling everything from home appliances to industrial equipment. But there is nothing better than to see a machine working which I created myself.

Veiko Salumäe

Product Development Engineer


Curiosity and hands-on experience have been my main drivers as a designer. Now I have this great opportunity to put all this know-how into creating and developing things that inspire and light up people’s imagination and creativity.

Francisco Balcazar

Product Development Engineer


The beauty of my work lies in the ability to combine creativity with technical skills to create experiences that are both entertaining and educational.

Vladyslav Shvets

Exhibit Engineer


I love that my work is both creative and technical. Motor has been a part of many large scale projects which have resulted in memorable work.

Lauri Laasik

Film and Multimedia Specialist


I enjoy to contribute to the overall success and profitability of the exhibition.

Helet Loodus



I really enjoy dates and structure and it’s a joy to work for a company where all costs and profits have a certain role in the final outcome.

Karen Kukk



I started the job in 2003 with no previous experience. 19 years later I am still here, now equipped with knowledge on everything about managing an office. For me stability is a positive thing.

Maigi Koplimets

Office Manager


Motor is an engine for great new initiatives. So with Huvi we've taken on a challenge to bring students outdoors!

Triin Visnapuu-Sepp

Huvi Outdoor Development Manager


Woodworking requires patience and precision and when working on Motor’s projects, I can really put my skills to test.

Reigo Rand

Exhibition Master


I love working on everything where I can use my hands to solve challenges and end up with creating something new. I can manage metal and electricity, but most of all I love working with wood.

Andres Kasesalu

Exhibition Master


Motor offers endless ways to get better with exciting challenges. It takes creativity and playfulness to create things that give back. That’s what makes it special for me. I create similar things to those that used to mesmerise me as a kid.

Deemo Soima

Exhibition Master


Every new project I’ve put my hands on, has been fun and exciting. I’ll never get bored of this. I enjoy being able to create something new, but the most important part for me are the people who I get to work with. You have to enjoy what you do.

Raivo Erik Veevel

Exhibition Master


From small quirky solutions to crazy big projects. From someone saying it can’t be done to us then doing it. That is the daily life in Motor.

Arvid Paalandi

Exhibition Master


Woodworking has always been a passion of mine. At the same time I love being precise. Working at Motor has given me the chance to unite my love for woodworking and precision when creating exciting projects.

Andra Vebus

Exhibition Master


I like that my work in Motor is diverse and challenging and requires creative thinking. At the same time I respect quality work and when I give a promise, I will deliver on it.

Ando Aru

Exhibition Master


The variety of different projects and training the ability to solve problems on the run makes it interesting. It always keeps me sharp and makes me trust myself more and more.

Annes Leht

Electronic Solutions Specialist


Kristi Daniel


+49 178 158 1472

Wolfgang Steffen


+49 172 669 6223

Toomas Tärk


+358 50 585 2593

Arturs Unda


+371 291 54387

Brigita Urmanaite


+370 699 38030

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