Motor abroad

The only way to know what is happening in the world is to meet new people. You can find out information about new projects by participating in events like fairs, conferences and workshops. Events are an essential part of our business relations.

Events we are taking part in



Finnish Museum Days 2023

There were over 400 Finnish museum experts participating. We met new people and reconnected with old friends!
This year's event was all about exploring the futures of museums, and it's truly an interesting and important topic. Our challenge this year was to draw a unicorn 🦄 to unleash creativity and let imagination soar!

Organized by Museopäivät and the Finnish Museums Association/Suomen museoliitto who was celebrating their 100th anniversary!



Ecsite Conference 2022

Lots of meetings, good discussions and new contacts came from this event. More than 50 blind drawings of unicorns at the Motor booth and every one of them unique. One of the highlights was definitely visiting the experimenta Science Center in Heilbronn and especially their Science Dome.

Hosted by experimenta – Das Science Center



Finnish Museum Days 2022

It was great to see old friends and meet new people after a two-year pause in beautiful Åland. Exchanging thoughts and ideas, listening to inspiring talks and introducing our work to Finnish museum professionals is always exciting. The theme for this year’s event was “Egensinne - Omalla tavalla” which translates to “In own way”.

Organized by Finnish Museums Association


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