Where do we get our inspiration?

To create an exhibition or a hands-on exhibit that evokes emotions in visitors you need inspiration. To be able to come up with the best ideas, we organize different team events and study trips both in and out of Estonia.




Study Trip to Poland 2023

Our team embarked on an inspiring expedition across Poland, covering approximately 900 kilometres and exploring the vibrant cities of Warsaw, Gdansk, Gdynia, and Lodz. We left no stone unturned as we visited eight museums, experience centres, which showcased Poland's exceptional scientific prowess, heritage, and the most challenging chapters of its history. The Copernicus Science Centre was undoubtedly the culmination of our journey, representing the epitome of discovery.



Holland is Calling Again 2023

In 2022, a pre-visit to the Holland was organized for our team, and because of the success of the visit, in September 2023, project managers and designers visited the Holland again. To surpass the previous trip, they scheduled visits to 13 museums in just four days. What inspired them the most were the informative audio guides and how many museums were breaking down the barriers between exhibits and visitors, allowing people to get very close. In some cases, it felt more like visiting a home than a museum. Their favorite "museum" was an audiovisual experience provider Amaze.



Museum Trip to Denmark 2022

There are so many museums and exhibitions in Denmark to discover. Our creative team visited 10 museums during a 800 km round trip and we felt like we just started. In Denmark less is more. There is a lot of space and every detail has a reason for it. To attract young visitors, the museum tried to get out of the way and let them experience the museums how they choose to using an audio guide and creating photo opportunities for selfies throughout the showrooms. Also finding some museum entrances was an experience in itself.

Groote Museum.jpg


Holland Museum Tour 2022

To seek inspiration for refreshing and extending the Seaplane Harbour permanent exhibition, a joint team of Motor, KOKO Architects and Estonian Maritime Museum traveled to the Netherlands - the country with the highest number of EMYA awarded museums per square meter. Within 5 days we visited 13 museums. We were most impressed by the ARTIS Groote Museum in Amsterdam that had just reopened after extensive renovation. It seemed to have it all! Our special favorite was the actual nettle in the exhibition - and, yes, we burnt our skin.

Mobility Pavilion by Alif.jpg


Expo Dubai 2020

Expo 2020 has closed but the memories remain. The enormous scale, futuristic technology, impressive organizational level and the overall feeling it creates when combined is something that’s hard to forget. Our favorites - Mobility Pavilion by Alif, Saudi Arabian pavilion, Singaporean pavilion, South Korean pavilion and the pavilion of U.K. were the ones that stood out among the display of colors, materials, and visuals. And of course the Estonian pavilion where we added our own touch.

Museo Leikki.jpg


Workshop in Helsinki 2022

We met with our foreign representatives in Helsinki to see local museums and share experiences. The brightest memories are placing ourselves in famous paintings in the National Museum of Finland, hugging trees and bears in The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, getting nostalgic about school lunch in The Hotel and Restaurant Museum, learning about music and emotions in Museo Leikki, playing football in Sports Museum of Finland and meeting a thousand year old Finno-Ugric person in KAMU Espoo City. As you can see, there’s a lot to experience.

Saaremaa Museum_Vikings Before Vikings_Kairi Rand.jpg


Kuressaare Castle 2022

After finding out we will produce the first floor exhibition and courtyard of the Kuressaare Castle with KOKO architects, we quickly paid a visit to Saaremaa. The new exhibition will open in August 2023. Beside Kuressaare Castle we also visited our other projects in Saaremaa like the traveling exhibition “Vikings before Vikings” and the more modern and exciting WOW experience center. We were once again reassured that Saaremaa has a lot of fun activities and delicious tastes to offer!


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