Windtower Experience

A modern family and tourism centre for the 2nd biggest island in Estonia, that offers fun experiences for visitors and also becomes a meeting point for locals thanks to its many attractions.


Windtower Experience Centre


Hiiumaa, Estonia

Exhibition area:

800 m²



Scope of work:

Exhibition and interactive exhibits design, development, manufacturing and installation. Content and concept creation and development. Multimedia and audiovisual media concept, content development, design and production. Artifacts display and installation. CVI and graphic design. Project management.

Interior architecture:

KOKO architects


Argo Nurs, Ivo Panasyuk


Hiiumaa is the 2nd biggest island in Estonia. During summer it becomes a popular spot for tourists and offers a perfect getaway from noisy cities, but it’s also home for many locals, who live here all year round.

Many say that a week of recharging your batteries at Hiiumaa is as good as a month elsewhere. This might be due to the fact that time flows slower in Hiiumaa. Ask any local if you don’t believe us.



One of our big goals was to attract tourists but for the centre to also feel like a valued place for those who live on the island year-round. To achieve that we included locals from many professions - from historians to actors and builders and made sure the exhibition feels true to them.

As we couldn’t fit everything exciting on the island inside the four walls of the Windtower, we decided to opt for a more introductory strategy. This way the centre gives visitors a taste of what Hiiumaa has to offer, and then encourages them to actually tour the island later.

As fit for a modern family centre, we included many interactive and creative experiences, to make the centre fun for all ages and to make sure that locals have reasons to keep coming back for a fun day with the family or friends.


The floor plan of the exhibition takes visitors through a story through many layers of Hiiumaa. As the importance of sea for Hiiumaa and it’s inhabitants can’t be overstated, the first floor takes visitors straight into the mysterious underwater Hiiumaa, starting with a monumental 15-metre animation and many treasures from shipwrecks.

Moving to the 2nd floor, visitors arrive at the coast and can use all their senses to experience the life of coastal Hiiumaa.

Next up on the 3rd floor are Hiiumaa’s stories and legends, presented with interactive games and immersive audiovisual solutions that make learning about history fun.

The 4th floor offers visitors a chance to sit, relax and reflect on what makes Hiiumaa so special.This floor offers a series of interviews and short films with locals, that gives them a chance to show their feelings about the island and why there is no place else like it.

Finally the 5th floor is the sky level and offers special surprises for children, with plenty of opportunities for climbing, playing and building. On top of the Windtower is a roof terrace that offers magical views of Hiiumaa.

Climbing wall

One of the most notable attractions is the highest climbing wall in the Baltics, that has a whopping height of 20m.

11 different tracks for climbing allow hours upon hours of entertainment for beginners and also experienced climbers. Those that are just starting out can get tips and lessons from experienced guides and by the end of the session, everyone will feel like a true rock climber.


The Windtower has something for everyone. Tourists who visit the island have a great opportunity to learn about the culture, nature and history of the island they’re on.

Families have fun activities with our interactive games and audiovisual solutions. These novel interactive exhibits let visitors play and explore for many hours.

And locals have a reason to keep coming back to spend time swimming, bowling or climbing on the wall. Windtower is definitely a centre that Hiiumaa lacked and we hope that we made every local even more proud about their island. If that’s even possible.

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The Windtower Experience Introduction


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