Die Fabrik der Fäden - Weisbachsches Haus Plauen

A museum that honors the Plauen Lace, a legendary textile from the city with the same name.


City of Plauen


Plauen, Germany

Exhibition area:

1,200 m²


To be completed in 2023

Scope of work:

Interactive exhibits design and development. Multimedia concept. Content development and design. Graphic design.

Interior architecture:

KOKO architects



The City of Plauen has a historically significant role in the development and production of machine-made lace, curtains, and other textiles.

To celebrate this heritage, Plauen decided to renovate an 18th century factory building and turn it into a museum dedicated to the legendary Plauen Lace.


We envisioned Plauen Lace Museum as a modern visitor centre that introduces both Plauen Lace but also shows the wider textile industry of the region.

At the core of the new exhibition is the lace itself, a special textile with extraordinary patterns, as well as the rich variety of stories from people who create it.


The museum guides visitors through a story that covers the history of the textile industry, the technical workings of lace, enchanting lace patterns and its importance to the culture. The stories told by people involved with making lace connect the dots between different topics while numerous hands-on stations help to turn the experience immersive

The first and second floors illustrate the effects of industrialisation on the textile industry. Stories told by the workers from pre and early industrial revolution as well as the tools and machines they used and work they produced give an interesting insight into this era. In addition, an intermediate floor is dedicated to Plauen, the City of Lace.

Many lace patterns on the floor and ceiling are used as interior design elements. Most notably a city map of Plauen from 1911, at the peak of lace production, is turned into a lace pattern that works as a guide through the ground floor.


Plauen Lace is something that has immense influence and legendary status in the region and therefore it was only a matter of question, when it will get a museum to celebrate its importance.

In addition to textiles, we made sure to also honor the city of Plauen and its history through interactive exhibits and immersive spatial design for the visitor centre.

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