Hempel Glasmuseum

Hempel Glasmuseum is a contemporary museum that is the home for one of the largest private collections of glassware which spans over 400 years.


Atelier Brückner


Nykøbing Sjælland, Denmark

Exhibition area:

400 m²



Scope of work:

Exhibition, graphics, vitrines and showcases production. Engineering solutions. Project management.


Atelier Brückner


Marcus Sies



The Hempel Glasmuseum is a contemporary museum that is the home for one of the largest private collections of glassware which spans over 400 years. Possesses the largest private collection of European glass from the period 1500-1900 in Northern Europe.

This makes it a must visit museum for anyone interested not only in glassware, but also the historical times that these glasses represent. During the last two years, the glass museum was renovated to give it a contemporary environment where the exhibits really stand out.


"The industrialist J.C. Hempel became famous for producing excellent ship paint in the beginning of the 20th century, and even now, more than a century later, the Hempel group is still the leading supplier of paint for protection of different materials.

Besides being a great businessman, J.C. Hempel was also passionate about ancient glass and in the later years of his life, bought the manor Annebjerg Hovedgaard  and dreamed of it being the future home for his great collection of glass. He set up the Hempel Culture Foundation who are now working to keep alive his dream of having the greatest glass museum."


The glass exhibits can easily break and need to have proper protection while still giving the visitors a way to study them and show the character of different glasses throughout many years. 

So a unique challenge for this project was vitrine production which means designing and building large scale backlit motorized vitrines, which would showcase the exhibits from all sides and with proper lighting.


A clear highlight of the exhibition is the main exhibition room itself. It’s where the main collection is located and the room itself is comparably impressive with high ceilings and an atmosphere that resembles a ship’s cockpit.

Visitors will also find 8 scenographic vitrines that show the glassmaking process through a multimedia installation. The project was done in good and smooth cooperation with Atelier Brückner and the client.

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