ENIGMA - Museum for post, tele og kommunikation

An ambitious project to develop, manufacture and install exhibits designed by Atelier Brückner for ENIGMA, a famous communications museum in Copenhagen.


ENIGMA -  Museum for post, tele og kommunikation


Copenhagen, Denmark

Exhibition area:

750 m²



Scope of work:

Tecnical design development, engineering, manufacturing of exhibition, fit-out, 
installation, project management and graphic prodcution.


Atelier Brückner


Mona Eendra



The exhibition provides a glimpse into the history of communication, connects it to the present, and aims to stimulate reflection on the future. The museum questions its boundaries as a traditional cultural institution and seeks to redefine its role in a society of the digital age.

You can look through Denmark’s largest stamp collection and get familiar with national collections in the field of post and telecommunication.

You can see how messages and packages were sent from the early days of Danish postal service up until now when we use satellites to cover the world. 


The museum's narrative extends back to 1624 when the Danish postal service was founded, and it reaches into the present, highlighting the current war where SpaceX's Starlink satellites provide internet to Ukraine.

The prized gem of the museum is as its name suggests an original Enigma coding machine that was discovered on the coast of Denmark and once helped to steer the course of war. 


The biggest challenge for this project was time. We only had 5 months between us joining the project and the opening date of the museum. 

This meant we had to introduce new ways of working and borrowed methodologies like Agile work from technology companies. This helped us turn an impossible schedule into an achievable task and looking back we learned a lot, managed to streamline our processes a lot and are now ready for even more ambitious projects.

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