Estonian Museum of Natural History

BiodiverseCity? - a temporary exhibition that dives into the difficult balance of the beauty of nature inside man-made environments. It strives to strike a balance between the noisy city and the calm nature but also about straight lines and flowing forms.


Estonian Museum of Natural History 

Name of the exhibition: 



Tallinn, Estonia

Exhibition area:

120 m²



Scope of work:

Exhibition design, development, production and installation, concept creation, interactive exhibits concept, illustrations, graphic design, engineering, project management.

Interior architecture:

KOKO architects


Evelin Palu, Kalev Lilleorg


When producing the exhibition for the Estonian Museum of Natural History, a significant aspect was the commitment to finding sustainable production methods that are compatible with the theme of the exhibition itself.


While a difficult topic at first, the solutions it made us come up with really showed us that anything is possible when you start to look at things in a different way.

That meant reusing materials whenever possible and trying to find something new from limited resources. Often that required some out-of-the-box thinking to start seeing items in a new way. We ended up using recycled car tires to craft seating and tables, using Euro pallets as sofas and turning many old exhibition displays into something new.


A special exhibit to bring out is The Happiness Park Department Store, that offers a playful shopping experience with electronic controls. Visitors can curate their own park by selecting different natural elements combining them with man-made items, learning about the urban biodiversity in the process.

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