Enguri Discovery Centre

A visitor centre that focuses on a legendary engineering masterpiece in Georgia.


Enguri Tourist Center LLC


Jvari, Georgia

Exhibition area:

1,500 m²



Scope of work:

Exhibition design and development, multimedia concept, content development and design.


Enguri Dam is a true engineering masterpiece. The size and power of the dam are so impressive, that it has become one of Georgia’s best known tourism attractions and was even added to the list of Georgia’s most distinguished cultural heritage sites.

Enguri Dam is 272 metres tall and 728 metres wide and is surrounded by the Caucasus mountains. These dimensions make it one of the world’s largest concrete arch dams and also the biggest industrial project Georgia has ever made. Today the plant still fulfills nearly half of Georgia’s energy requirements.


The future of Enguri Dam was planned as a well planned tourism spot and visitor centre with infrastructure for visitors from Georgia and abroad. In the longer run, the visitor centre would become the first industrial monument in Georgia to combine a museum and a science centre.

The Centre is divided between four main topics: Renewable Energy, Powerful Water, Enguri Dam and Civil Engineering. In addition to the four central themes, an area for children would be created to make the centre a place for visitors from any age.

Enguri Discovery and Visitor Centre focuses on exhibits that give an understanding of basic scientific phenomena. It was important for us to include hands-on interactive exhibits to encourage kids to explore and learn about the true engineering achievement.

Hands-on exhibition design

Indoor viewing platform

The engineering achievement of Enguri Dam is recreated indoors in the Civil Engineering exhibition area to show the construction process of this massive and complicated structure.

Visitors can walk up to the top of the dam and admire the view through the windows behind the construction while different phases of the construction are graphically shown during the walk up to the platform.

Sun-powered slot cars

The exhibit consists of a slot car track mounted on a big table with three standalone joysticks in front of the table. Four projectors are placed above the track that are controllable with the joysticks. As the light is directed onto the slot car, it starts moving. The task is to adjust the position of the light beam to keep up with the moving cars.


Enguri Dam with the surrounding nature is a breathtaking sight and understandably draws in large crowds. But until now the dam lacked a visitor centre that would also act as an educational centre and offer fun activities for the whole family.

While the Enguri Dam itself is still unarguably the main attraction, the innovative hands-on exhibition design for the visitor centre supports the experience for all visitors and let’s everyone get a bit better insight into the area and the inner workings of the dam.

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