Sámi museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre SIIDA

Sámi museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre SIIDA uses modern video and audio solutions to introduce all guests to the exciting world of the Sámi people, their traditions and the land where they live.


Metsähallitus; Sámi museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre SIIDA


Inari, Finland

Exhibition area:

641 m²



Scope of work:

Multimedia concept, content development, design and production. Technical design, production and installation of showcases and structures. Technology supply and installation.


Harri Koskinen


Konsta Verta



The Sámi museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre SIIDA is a national museum that was created to introduce all visitors to the exciting Sámi culture, while also educating them on protecting and preserving the cultural environments of the Sámi Area.

The main exhibition - ”These lands are our children” explains and interprets the layers of the landscape through the Sámi concept of cultural environment.


The Siida Building, where the museum is located, was built in 1998. It then went through extensive renovations during 2020-2022 to bring life to an updated vision of a modern building that allows for increased number of operations and more visitors, while still maintaining an atmosphere influenced by the Sámi culture.


A major challenge with this project was creating a control solution for all the technical exposition equipment. We also had to keep in mind that this solution had to integrate well with the electrical and lighting system. And as that wasn’t challenging enough, we had to do it all during a worldwide chip crisis which delayed the arrival of many essential video and audio parts. 

Another challenge was building the big climate controlled glass showcases that had to then be shipped to Finland, where they were finally installed. 


In the end we managed to overcome all the technical challenges and deliver on the ambitious vision in cooperation with Harri Koskinen team while maintaining top quality and functionality.

We were honored to work with the museum and nature center and of course all our partners and artists to create a technical solution that is worthy to tell the story of the Sámi people and their land. 

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