e-Estonia Briefing Centre

An exhibition space to introduce e-Estonia, a digitally advanced society, and inspire foreign visitors and investors.


Enterprise Estonia


Tallinn, Estonia

Exhibition area:

400 m²



Scope of work:

Concept and exhibition design, production, installation. Multimedia content development, design and production. Interactive exhibits design, development and production. Graphic design and project management.

Interior architecture:

KOKO architects


Tõnu Tunnel, Elisabeth Teinberg



The e-Estonia Briefing Centre is located in the Ülemiste City IT hub near the airport.e-Estonia and was established in 2009 with a mission to inspire foreign investors, media and policy makers and present the success story that is e-Estonia.

The centre has an important role in shaping and introducing the image of Estonia, a digital society that thrives on innovation and fast-moving ideas.


While the location and the community around it is well suited for the centre, the actual rooms that were planned, were not really meant for a public showroom.

Our task then was to turn the space we were given, into a modern and functional conference room with a lot of character. As the centre brings together Estonian companies with potential large clients, every visitor who finds their way to the centre, has to leave with a smile on their face and first sparks of a future business plan in their head.

We came up with a solution that combines a conference space with an interactive exhibition.Every visitor can browse through the presentations and also spend time exploring the centre at their own tempo.

To reflect the digital advances and innovation of Estonia, the interior architecture is inspired by the binary system, a computer language at the core of every computer. Lit-up cubicles that intrude and protrude from the walls bring to mind the 1’s and 0’s.


The atmosphere of the briefing centre is meant to introduce e-Estonia with all of its innovative companies. The interior solution works as a background for the virtual exhibition that uses many, many screens to create a really unique multimedia platform.

This system can also be managed as one integral system. The vibrant exhibition also includes hands-on experiences and games that introduce the digital lifestyle and let every visitor create an e-state.

Development of Hands-On exhibits

Build your own e-State

We consider creating hands-on experiences and games a speciality of ours. To build an e-State, you need to have building blocks that make up an effective and safe state.

We developed an interactive game that asks every player a set of simple questions and the visitor can choose the right answer in the form of a building block. The player then places it on the screen to a marked space. By the end of the game, the player has been introduced to all the parts that create an e-State, and also understands the reasoning and how it improves their lives. 


The e-Estonia Briefing Centre inspires investors by bringing together and presenting what our innovative country with it’s successful tech sector has to offer. By including local IT service providers, we now have a great centre that includes a lot of information about Estonian companies, interesting interactive exhibits and a catchy virtual exhibition to support it all.

When coming up with the design for the centre, we intended for the result to stay modern and relevant years into the future.

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