Nordic Nature Medicine Museum

A museum that blends modern solutions with historic architecture to create the perfect atmosphere for celebrating the exciting world of natural medicine and plants.


Institute for Environmental Solutions


Cēsis, Latvia

Exhibition area:

300 m²



Scope of work:

Content creation and development. Exhibition and exhibits design, development, production and installation. Technical design. Multimedia concept, content development, design and production. Graphic design and CVI development.


Jānis Vīksna


The Nordic Nature Medicine Museum, located in the historic Latvian city Cēsis, was created to educate and inspire visitors of all ages on the powers of natural medicine. The exhibition features more than 40 medicinal plants that are typical to Latvian and Nordic nature. The museum journey is suitable for both those who already know their way around medicinal plants but also for those who are only taking their first steps in this world.


The biggest challenge with this project was creating the museum from scratch, with a large empty space for showing small scale exhibits. In order to promote plants as valuable natural resources we really needed to think outside the box and come up with original ideas and solutions.


Finding a solution for the interior architecture and graphic design that makes use of the old architecture while enriching the space was a clear highlight. We also created a lot of original content that is appealing for all visitors and is the perfect first step into the colorful world and history of medicinal plants.


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