Estonian Museum of Natural History

Terribly Adorable Bats - the most mystical temporary exhibition in Tallinn's Old Town, that takes visitors to the world of bats and reveals their secretive way of life.


Estonian Museum of Natural History

Name of the exhibition:

Terribly Adorable Bats 


Tallinn, Estonia

Exhibition area:

120 m²



Scope of work:

Exhibits solution, production and installation, interactive exhibits concept, concept creation, exhibition graphic design, spatial design, interior architecture and project management.

Interior architecture:

KOKO architects


Best Temporary Exhibition 2020


Lennart Lennuk, Ulla Villem

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A temporary exhibition in the Estonian Museum of Natural History, that uses the help of virtual reality, to open up the mysterious world of bats and tries to change the myths that bats are scary. 

Since bats prefer to keep to themselves and come out when we’re already asleep, we had to look for alternative ways of bringing them to visitors and the innovative solutions really help people to step into the world of bats and better understand them. 

This show was also awarded the Best Temporary Exhibition 2020 award so we can say that the challenge of turning terrifying bats into terribly adorable bats was a success!



We wanted to give all visitors the chance to actually step inside the world of bats and even become one themselves. 

This is where virtual reality was really the only solution. Using special goggles, every visitor could turn into a bat and glide through the night sky, look for a nest, and even try hibernating. 

In addition all visitors had the chance to act as a bat researcher and test their knowledge on separating different breeds, look for bats with a virtual flashlight and touch and compare different bats.


This project was very interesting for us because we learned a lot about bats, and the new knowledge helped us bring bats and their nature closer to the audience.

The popularity of this exhibition is proof that modern solutions can really open up new worlds and overturn old fears and habits like the one that bats are terrifying.

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