EXPO Astana, Georgian Pavilion

The Georgian pavilion for EXPO 2017 tells the story of turning the natural power of their landscape into sustainable energy production.


Georgian government


Astana, Kazakhstan



Scope of work:

Concept and exhibition design, development. Multimedia content development.

Interior architecture:

KOKO architects


For an EXPO pavilion to be considered a success, it has to both visually stand out among many other visual and architectural masterpieces, but the exhibition then also has to educate visitors and tell an honest story of the culture, the people and the values of the country it represents.

We crafted every detail of the pavilion and used interactive exhibits and immersive displays to make sure that the final result leaves a lasting impression on everyone.


The biggest challenges for this project was juggling the very tight schedule, the logistics of getting all the pieces at the spot and also the high level of security in the EXPO site itself. The transportation and construction was accompanied by very strict security protocols to protect the site and the event from any disruptions. Through close collaboration between us and the event team, we managed to produce the final result without doing any compromises.



The main attraction of the Georgian pavilion was a hydroturbine, that had elegant translucent blades. The visitors were treated to a play of light between the blades and the ambient light of the room, while the blades also acted as dynamic moving displays.

Inside the turbine, visitors were able to play an interactive game, where the city of Tbilisi slowly came to life after each successful task thanks to the help of hydropower.

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