Children's Museum Miiamilla

A permanent exhibition in a children’s museum that combines playful exploration with learning and development inside a safe environment.


Tallinn City Museum


Tallinn, Estonia

Exhibition area:

207.2 m²



Scope of work:

Exhibition design, development, production and installation, concept creation, interactive exhibits concept, illustrations, graphic design, engineering, project management.

Interior architecture:

KOKO architects


Golden Egg Design Award (Kuldmuna): Environmental Design


Meeli Küttim, Kairi Raid


Children’s Museum Miiamilla’s new permanent exhibition, "Children's World Spaces” is for everyone who enjoys playing, exploring and letting their imaginations wander freely. While created for children aged 2 to 11, it’s also a space for everyone who were once that age.

The museum is located in Kadriorg Children’s Park area and is housed in a historic 1930’s building, which was first opened in 2012.

The space offers countless opportunities for understanding yourself, and also the relationship with the environment around you and encourages development through play.

The exhibition is divided into inner, outer, and fantasy worlds and uses the combination of these spaces to better understand setting boundaries and resolving inner emotions and outer conflicts.



The biggest challenge with this project was creating a space that has a design suitable for all ages, while also being constrained by the heritage protection of the building that the exhibition is housed in.

An additional request from the museum was to have as many reused and ecological materials as possible. They helped by organizing collection events for old toys like teddy bears, toy cars and much more. 

We then gave new life to these toys as lights, a wall of teddy bears and as parts of many more exhibits. We believe that this is a great example for the little visitors on the importance of thoughtful use of the items around us.


We love all visitors of our museums, but there is something special about seeing the spark ignite inside the eyes of children, when they step through the doors of Miiamilla. 

This is the ultimate proof for us that we managed to create a fun and safe space for everyone. It’s great to see how parents and teachers really have to show their negotiation skills when trying to get the kids to leave after a long visit.

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