Syöte Visitor Centre

A visitor center in Syöte National park that shows the beauty of the local flora and fauna of the area and celebrates the connections between people and nature.


Metsähallitus, Syöte Visitor Centre 


Syöte, Finland

Exhibition area:

200 m²



Scope of work:

Concept creation, interactive exhibits concept. Exhibition design, development, production and installation. Graphic design and project management.

Interior architecture:

Taina Väisänen


Sami Säily


Syöte Visitor Centre is a part of the national park with the same name and acts as the starting point when you arrive at the park. 

This way all visitors of the area can learn about the local species before they enter into the nature park. 

The visitor center uses hands-on exhibits and audio guides to make learning about the exhibits exciting and accessible for all. 

Besides the exhibition, the building also houses an auditorium and a cafe.



The trickiest part about producing this exhibition was the remote and isolated location of the park. Should we need anything from a building store, we would have had to do a round trip that’s hours long. So the key to avoid that was proper preparation and packing an extra pair of everything we might need. 


Looking back now the exhibition turned out both looking good, and also feeling well put together and connecting all the different parts of the exhibition and the visitor center as a whole.


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